Alhon Huolto – Power Plant Maintenance Since 2004

Alhon Huolto offers steam turbine repair and maintenance services both in Finland and internationally. Our staff has more than 30 years of experience in working with turbines from almost all manufacturers.

Alhon Huolto’s customer base includes power stations all across Finland. We are also actively expanding our operations internationally. Our modern equipment and machinery allows us to work efficiently even in the most demanding destinations. With our services you’ll guarantee the optimal production of your plant and minimise the possibility of downtime.

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Equipment and Machinery

  • Novalign Laser Alignment System
  • Cetralign Laser Alignment System
  • Everest VIT Video Endoscope (⌀ 6,1 mm)
  • InfraCAM Thermal Camera (0-350 °C)
  • Sintrol Flow Measurement System
  • Data Collector with 8-16 Channels (e.g. pressure, temperature, mA)
  • Hydraulic Test Bench (0-165 bar)
  • Turbine Bolt Heating Equipment
  • Laser Welding and Cladding Equipment